When we step outdoors into the natural world our internal nature can be influenced immensely.  Nature is naturally therapeutic and supportive (and of course sometimes challenging); a plethora of research supports what we instinctively know about fresh air, movement, sensory delights, belonging, connection and communication.  There is an abundance of symbolism and metaphor to be experienced in nature, which can be utilised in therapy and practitioner supervision with powerful and meaningful outcomes. Natural settings can provide a very rich, reflective environment for deeply therapeutic work.  The majority of my outdoor meetings take place in two locations in South Manchester where there is a diverse variety of flora and fauna, beneficial to health and condusive to therapeutic work and practitioner supervision and training.  
Examples of my work in nature span over forty years and include: utilising outdoor pursuits to support peoples personal development when working and living in an outdoor pursuits centre in the Peak District; working in a healthcare team in remote woodland in North America whilst living outdoors there for six weeks; providing therapy for adults and supervision and training for practitioners in nature settings in the UK.  I continue to explore how the many therapeutic aspects of connecting with our natural world can be integrated into therapy with clients and into supervision with practitioners. Here is an example of some of the work I do outdoors: https://katiepiperfoundation.org.uk/nature-therapy-in-the-rehabilitation-centre/     
Outdoor meetings can be arranged throughout all seasons. I also offer bespoke training for practitioners wishing to take their practice outdoors. I welcome any enquiries at therapyupnorth@gmail.com

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