Click the red link just below to go directly to the 'rest and replenish' relaxation podcast, it's free, high quality and no sign up is required ...

'Rest and Replenish' is a free, high quality recording which requires nothing from you - other than to 'rest and replenish'.  Originally a CD recording,  'rest and replenish' has received great feedback ...

*  Clients  -  "The combination of the routine's simplicity and your calming voice is very soothing"  -  "I've tried many - it's the best I've ever used"  -  "It really helps my sleep and pain management"

* Therapist  -  "It's very helpful, I use it and am recommending it to my clients and supervisees"

*  Manchester G.P.  -  "My patients will benefit from this"

*  Podcast users  -  "Very relaxing"  -  "Thank you for this gift"  -  "Many thanks for making this free"  -  "Very soothing voice"  -  "Reassuringly simple"

Please use the podcast in a safe space, do not listen whilst driving, riding or operating machinery.  If you think hypnosis may help you, Jay offers it within hypno-psychotherapy sessions. 

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