Therapeutic Interventions for Individuals, Couples, Groups & Practitioners...

*Counselling / Psychotherapy for individual adults (outdoors in nature, or by video or telephone)
*Supervision and training and development for practitioners (outdoors in nature, or by video or telephone)
*Therapeutic groups (outdoors in nature, or by video)
*Nature based therapy (outdoors in nature, or by telephone)
*Trauma response and management including initial psychological support
*Couple / relationship counselling (by video)
*Hypno-Psychotherapy (outdoors in nature, or by video or telephone)
*Mindfulness and relaxation (outdoors in nature, or by video or telephone)
*Emotional freedom Technique (EFT - Tapping)
*Bespoke training events and workshops.

Therapeutic Interventions for Corporate Clients and High Profile Clients...

I provide therapeutic services, including counselling, psychotherapy and trauma response and trauma management, including initial psychological support, for Employee Assistance Providers, Occupational Health & Human Resource Departments, TV Companies, Private Health Care Companies and Charities in the UK and further afield.  I also provide short term counselling and stress management interventions tailored to suit smaller companies and organisations.  

High profile clients and critical incidents are provided for with a well considered and established provision of protection of confidentiality and vast experience and understanding in these sectors. Please make any enquiries with Jay on 0161 860 7378 or by email

Face to Face (indoors and in nature) and remote (phone and online) sessions are available.
Outdoor sessions are mainly based in South Manchester that are wheelchair accessible.  Other locations are available. 
Toilet facilities in the practice premises are via a flight of stairs. 
I have basic British Sign Language skills and am able to work effectively with an interpreter.  
My practice is GSERD and LGBTIQA+ affirmative.

Please make any access enquiries with Jay on 0161 860 7378 or by email

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