A bit about Jay...

For 30+ years I have worked in, studied and explored the field of well being, with specific focus upon enabling others to connect with, develop and maintain their health and fulfill their potential.  I originally trained in body orientated therapies; since 1994 my focus has been psychotherapeutic.  

I have extensive experience working indoors and outdoors in the UK and USA with individual adults, couples and groups in a range of private, corporate, collective, charity and NHS settings and in critical incident trauma management.

I am a registered and accredited practitioner and senior accredited clinical supervisor with The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). The BACP published my Masters Degree (MSc Counselling Studies) research findings relating to practitioner well being. Independent Professional Therapists International and British Complementary Medicine Association have published my articles relating to the supervision of practitioners.  I have spoken on BBC radio about healthcare matters and present and co-facilitate a variety of therapeutic events, workshops and seminars focusing upon well being (indoors and in nature).     

I am committed to providing an inclusive practice so people can access services comfortably, regardless of disability, health status, race, religion or belief and of gender, sexual, erotic and relationship diversity.

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